What We Do Here at Jack’s Helping Hand

September 19th, 2018

Jack's Helping Hand was founded by Paul and Bridget Ready in memory of their son Jack, whose three-year struggle with a rare form of brain cancer ended in 2004.

Our mission is to provide community programs that meet the unique challenges of children with cancer or special needs under the age of 21.

Jack’s Assistance Program is the heart and soul of our organization, providing everything from high-tech wheelchairs to prosthetic limbs, from appointments with specialists to custom-designed eyeglasses or hearing devices for local children up to the age of 21. This program also offers financial assistance to families of children with cancer or special needs to help with transportation, food and housing costs associated with out-of-area treatments. Families can apply through our website at: http://www.jackshelpinghand.org/apply-for-support/.

In addition to Jack's Financial Assistance Program, we offer a number of programs for San Luis Obispo children with special needs and cancer. Two of the largest programs are our Equine and Aquatic Therapies run by local members of our community.

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